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BRR/Grinding and Finishing quests by purplebuneary
BRR/Grinding and Finishing quests
Ethan and Magnes finally start grinding, and what better way to do this than picking on the nidorans and finish that quest while they were at it. 
Yeah, my battle scenes could use some work. But that's what experimenting's for, right? Sigh...
Oh no! I forgot the small pink tints on Magnes' cheeks! The horror! D:
Starting anew/BRR by purplebuneary
Starting anew/BRR
After meeting with Professor Larix, Ethan took the modest Magnes to a trip around the town. Bonding was quite fun, and the teen was in no rush to start their journey and was happy to just hang for the first day. In the end, Ethan decided they would just camp out and watch the sun go down with his precious Magnemite on his lap.
Ethan Prentice/BRR by purplebuneary
Ethan Prentice/BRR
If you want to roleplay, just give me a note! :D
Name: Ethan Prentice
Age: 19
Birthdate: August 6 (Leo)
Gender: Male
Hometown: Canalave City, Sinnoh
Occupation: Student
Type of Trainer: New
Favorite Type: Steel
Least Favorite Type: Fairy
Inquisitive || Knowledgable || Open-minded/Gullible|| Realistic || Socially inept
  Being born in a family of librarians, Ethan spent most of his childhood reading. Which of course broadened his sights of the world he lived in, but even after reading all these books, he still often finds it unsatisfying and wanted to learn more. His curiosity lead him to a lot of good and bad thing, yet nothing has stopped him from continuing on with his quest for more answers. 
  A positive side to being extremely inquisitive was that he also became more knowledgable as time passed. He gained a lot of information because of his quizzical nature, thus he normally doesn't come short in answering another's question on anything. But when he is stumped, you can bet he'd be the first to try and find out.
  He can be open-minded to most things, sometimes even to the point of being a bit gullible, but that doesn't stop him from believing more. He sucks in a lot of information, true or not; this also includes the opinion of others. This doesn't apply to all situations, but most of the time, he will try to understand whatever. 
  His view of the world is not optimistic or pessimistic, he views it through a realistic point of view most of the time. The glass is half full, he would say, the other half contains a mix of different other gases therefore it's not empty. Reading is his favourite pass time, but he will usually avoid over the top fictional stories, as he feels he won't learn anything through it.
  Even with all the questions he's asked to many different people, this doesn't change the fact of his lack of ability to being social with another human being. The only thing that stands in the way of him being shy is that fact that he's curious, but take that away and he won't find any other reason to interact with another person. He can't say much before he begins mumbling or stuttering.
History: Ethan was born in Canalave city, and lived in a family who valued knowledge quite well. This value also passed onto him in a ver early age, and so his journey to learn more began there. He read most of his family's books and even more from the local bookstores, yet he remained unsatisfied and wanted more. After all, what else was there beyond his industrious city, and even started asking questions to the sailors that bothered to put up with the child. Listening to their stories of the outside regions only put more oil into the fire. After begging his parents to explore the outside regions by himself, they finally agreed once he was eighteen since he was finished highschool by then and was technically old enough to leave.
  Thus beginning the story of his life in the region of Borealis. After getting there, he immediately signed up for online courses to make up for all the travelling he was going to do, but he didn't intend to let that stop him after getting this far already. He tutored kids on the internet to earn most of what he's living off of, though he also sometimes did odd jobs here and there when he could. He also travelled with other trainers because he didn't have one, he felt that paying for his basic needs was more important than buying a pokéball and catching the interesting creatures. This continued until he was introduced to a certain professor.
Inventory: Empty, except essential stuff like food, and water etc.
• His favourite thing to learn about is physics and machinery
• His least favourite thing to learn about is visual arts, though he still enjoys it
• If he reads fiction, he wants it to at least be realistic fiction
• He's physically weak despite his appearance
• He often get's mistaken for being a skater, yet only wears the things he does because they were cheap and comfy to be in.
• He's not necessarily intelligent 
• His favourite food is eggplant stir-fry

Nickname: Magnss
Gender: Genderless
Species: Magnemite
OT: Profesor Larix
Magnet Pull
• Tackle
• Supersonic
• Thundershock
• Metal sound


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Starting my art life over .3. Let's do this!
This person, this person is awesome! :3
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